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Dispensary and Grow Operations

The laws are constantly changing. Let us help you navigate the process and deal with zoning, permits, government approvals.

MMMP caregiver and patient support

We can help you stay up to date on existing and new laws. We will guide you through the process of meeting the conditions under the law and help keep you protected.

Home Grow Operational Support

Instruction on the most up to date strategies for home grow operations in the areas of set up, layouts, room builds, maintenance and supply referrals, and troubleshooting problems with plants and more.

U.S Cannabis Retail Sales Estimates: 2013 -2020

Growth of Medical vs. Recreation Sales Amounts are in Billions of U.S. Dollars

2013 Sales$1.6 Total

  • Medical
  • Recreation

2014 Sales$2.4 Total

  • Medical
  • Recreation

2015 Sales $3.4 Total

  • Medical
  • Recreation

2016 Sales$4.3 Total

  • Medical
  • Recreation

2017 Sales$5.5 Total

  • Medical
  • Recreation

2018 Sales$7.8 Total

  • Medical
  • Recreation

2019 Sales$9.6 Total

  • Medical
  • Recreation

2020 Sales$11.00 Total

  • Medical
  • Recreation


We can help you every step of the way

Cannabis Annual Sales vs. Other U.S Industries & Goods

Beer 101.5 - Billion
Estimated total demand for recreational cannabis in the U.S. 45 billion - Billion
Wine 37.6 - Billion
Organic Food 35.9 - Billion
Chocolate 21 - Billion
Doritos, Cheetos & Funyuns in 2015 4.9 - Billion
Legal recreational & medical cannabis in 2015 3.4 - Billion
E-Cigarettes 1.5 - Billion

Provisioning Center & Commercial Grow Operations

Choosing locations (re: zoning, permits, city/township approvals, etc.), daily business operations, establishing and maintaining compliance with state and local laws, ordinances.

Home Grow operations

Home grow set up/layouts, room builds, maintenance & supply referrals, assistance troubleshooting problems with marijuana plants, rooms, nutrients, and more.

MMMP caregiver and patient support

Compliance with existing and new medical marijuana laws and how to meet those conditions and remain current to ensure your protection under the law.

Cannabis Business Planning and Start-ups

Decisions based on what business in this industry works for you.  Advice on different options available, how to get started, support and guidance from picking a business name until grand opening and the running of day to day operations.

State and Municipal Law & Ordinance Support

Lobby on clients behalf at city and township board meetings to help in obtaining approval for cannabis related businesses in local municipalities.

Property Acquisition

We help clients locate potential properties that have been zoned and approved by the municipality.

MMFLA (Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act)

Licensing support & consulting services:

  • Growers
  • Provisioning Centers
  • Transporters
  • Processors
  • Compliance Centers

Useful links

Link to MMFLA pdf

White Paper by the national cannabis industry association – Section 280E Tax Code