We have followed closely as the cannabis industry continues to transform itself, creating an abundance of successful businesses and opportunities. As the medical and legal marijuana business prospers in other states, Grow Green Cannabis Consulting (GGCC) is ready for Michigan to be next. In anticipation of the new and exciting changes to the Michigan cannabis laws, GGCC decided to find a way to help others navigate their way through the often complicated journey of starting a cannabis business. Both experience and passion for entrepreneurship and the marijuana industry provides GGCC with a unique perspective in guiding others interested in pursuing a future in this $6.7 billion (and growing) cannabis industry.

GGCC offers consulting services for home and commercial grow operations, dispensaries and any type of cannabusiness start-ups. GGCC also provides assistance with navigating the complicated state and municipal laws & ordinances. With 20 years of entrepreneur and small business experience and almost a decade of experience in the Michigan medical marijuana industry, we have assembled a diverse group of competent and experienced associates in all areas of the cannabis industry.